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Volcano Bread

At Laugarvatn Fontana Spa in Iceland, you can watch Icelandic rye bread being baked the old-fashioned way: by being buried underground for 24 hours.

Alison E Grasso
The Best Things to Do in Iceland: Our Definitive List

For around $12, an employee will bring you out to the water’s edge with a shovel to dig up the bread tin that was placed there a day before. After pulling out the day’s bounty, you’ll bury a new tin of bread for someone else to unearth the next day. The bread is deliciously similar to the sweetness of the pound cake and the appearance of rye bread. Smother a bit of smjör, or butter, and take some for the road.

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Erika Owen

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Visitor Reviews

“Once in a lifetime, most pleasurable way to enjoy northern lights”

Easily a bucket list item. Soaking in heated geothermal waters, watching the snow flakes melt into the (3 pools), or simply waiting for the northern lights. Unblocked views of the lake.

Grounds are small, but well kept, there/re are saunas to hide in if you are really cold, u can take a dip in the lake if u are brave enough.

We stayed near enough the visit twice. The bread baking class was great fun!!

“Still talking about this!”

Very different from the hyped Blue Lagoon, the freshly baked rye bread dug out of the earth is amazing, as are the sauna, hot spring and setting. So glad we went here - a very special experience so far from home.

“Very relaxing”

We visited early evening, firstly we enjoyed their delicious dinner buffet, followed by a very relaxing couple of hours in their spa pools, fantastic! The building is very well presented and extremely clean and well organised. We enjoyed the more personal, quieter atmosphere than the Blue Lagoon, plus the drive there was very scenic, well worth the cost.

“Rye Bread!!!”

OMG! The rye bread experience was fantastic! We were the only ones there for the morning tour- the afternoon ones, we were told, are usually busier. This place is BEAUTIFUL. The rye bread was delicious and everyone was super friendly!

“Superb spa experience!”

We visited this facility on a cold, windy October evening on our first night in Iceland. It was a fantastic experience which surpassed all of our expectations!

We'd previously visited the Blue Lagoon and enjoyed it very much, however Fontana is a different experience altogether, and perhaps closer to a more authentic local experience than the Blue Lagoon.

“We had a wonderful afternoon at Fontana”

Fontana is a quaint little spa with very nice baths and a tasty buffet dining area. It's not cheap, but it's worth the rest if you're driving the Golden Circle all day.

Definitely take the plunge into the freezing lake between soaks in the hot baths!

Laugarvatn Fontana

“Laugarvatn Fontana is very popular amongst our customers and a great add on to our guided tours.  We always get a good feedback on Fontana and it is a real added value appreciated by our clients. After including a stop at Laugarvatn Fontana a general feedback has been better, from what believed was great before! Laugarvatn Fontana surely gives a unique experience where facilities, staff and nature accommodates our groups perfectly.”

Einar Sigurðsson, Marketing Manager

Andrew Evans

Post from Andrew Evans, of National Geographic Traveler
- July 12, 2013

Eric Aebersold

“The stop at the Laugarvatn Fontana was a very good time, I loved the steam bath where I stayed most of the time. In between the steam bath session to sit in the pools in the sun, I think there are no words to describe the atmosphere and revitalisation, you just have to experience it.

Eric Aebersold, Manager - Quality Assurance Auditor of Hilton Worldwide